Zembrin: A Centuries Old Mood Enhancer

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Zembrin: A Centuries Old Mood Enhancer

Zembrin, a plant extract from Africa that has been used successfully by the indigenous population for centuries to help alleviate depression has just recently become available in this country. It’s one of the most beneficial products I’ve seen (and experienced) in a long time.

The extract comes from Sceletium tortuosum, a type of succulent plant found in dry regions of South Africa. The native San Bushmen people there refer to the plant as “kanna,” “channa,” or “kougoed.”

Written documents from European explorers and settlers dating back over 300 years document the beneficial effects of the plant. But even before these reports, the San people used the plant for centuries to help increase their energy, elevate their mood, and reduce hunger, thirst, and the effects of stress.

Typically the plant is chewed or smoked, but researchers have recently found a way to produce a powdered extraction referred to as Zembrin. It’s one of the few natural products I’ve seen that produces consistent and noticeable results in almost everyone tested. To say I’m impressed would be an understatement.

Like many prescription antidepressants, Zembrin appears to improve serotonin levels. And studies have shown that Zembrin can help in the management of everyday stress and, at the same time, improve cognitive function.

One huge difference, however, is that Zembrin doesn’t cause dangerous side effects. In fact, safety studies have never found any evidence of toxicity, nor have any users reported any adverse events or side effects. Unlike prescription drugs, which are typically artificially created, extremely pure chemicals, Zembrin is a natural extract that contains hundreds of different, yet synergistic, components. Like other natural-based remedies, this probably accounts for its lack of side effects.

In addition, Zembrin doesn’t adversely change blood chemistry, urine composition, or vital signs like blood pressure and body weight. Keep in mind that indigenous South Africans have consumed extracts of the Sceletium tortuosum plant for centuries, and the last 300 years have been extensively documented.

Preliminary double-blind studies have shown that as little as 25 mg a day of Zembrin can trigger a profound improvement in one’s mood accompanied by a significant enhancement in cognitive ability. As additional research is carried out, it will be interesting to see if it also reduces hunger, as has been repeatedly reported by the San Bushmen. I suspect that will be the case since one of the effects of increased serotonin is that it promotes satiety (the feeling of fullness), which can result in eating less and ultimately, weight loss.

Along with all the natural therapies mentioned earlier, Zembrin offers another very effective and safe way to counter the effects of stress and depression. I highly recommend trying it if you’re dealing with these problems.

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