Why You Should Take Whole Food Based Vitamins

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Why You Should Take Whole Food Based Vitamins

I strongly believe in whole food based vitamins being superior to synthetic vitamins. The important difference between the two is whole food based vitamins are found in food sources, unaltered molecularly or biologically. Whole food vitamins do not have isolated factors rather their enzymes, phytonutrients, and organic minerals remain as they occur in nature thus resulting in a higher functioning vitamin.

Synthetic vitamins do not comes from living food sources but in fact from chemicals that are mass produced in pill form. Chemical combinations and reactions are the source of synthetic vitamins, for example Vitamin B1 is a coal tar derivative and vitamin C is made by a sugar and sulfuric acid reaction.

It only makes sense that our complex living bodies require vitamins from living sources, which are found in whole food vitamins, to repair, rebuild and maintain themselves. We are what we eat. Put quality whole foods and whole food vitamins in your body to avoid dysfunction.

Now it’s your turn: Will you be making the change to whole food based vitamins?

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