What Are Adaptogens?

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What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants that modulate all sorts of body functions, including the immune system and energy production. These plants generally work by regulating stress hormones and neurotransmitters, and have the unique ability both to boost a system that’s underperforming and to suppress that system when it’s overstimulated. Adaptogens normalize a body that has been thrown off balance by being able to stop the cellular response to stress.

What Are Examples of Adaptogens?

One of the most well-known adaptogens is ginseng, treasured in Chinese culture and medicine, and popular throughout the world. Of increasing popularity is ashwagandha, sometimes known as Indian ginseng, which comes from the school of Ayruvedic medicine.

Traditional herbal practices praise the ability of adaptogens to improve patient quality of life by positively improving libido, longevity, mental health, and emotional well-being.

What Health Conditions Can Adaptogens Treat?

Adaptogens are excellent for treating stress and stress-related disorders such as raised cortisol, stress-induced hives and acne, and hyper-reactivity due to anxiety. The effects of adaptogenic supplementation can be seen within several days.

Now It's Your Turn: Do you take an adapotgen?

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