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When you get right down to it, most health problems are pretty simple. They don't require drugs or surgery, and you don't need half a dozen different doctors to manage them. Instead, all you truly need is a basic understanding of how your body works—so you can attack the problem's cause and not have to settle for medicating its symptoms.

This section of my website includes everything I've learned in my research, travel, and practice about the best ways to treat your health concerns. Simply choose the tab at left that applies to you. I'll explain what's causing your problem and recommend some solutions you can start using today.

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I’ve taken Dr. Williams’ Alternatives newsletter for about 20 years and am very happy with it. Furthermore, I purchase a number of the alternatives solutions Dr. Williams recommends, and I feel it helps me tremendously. Dr. Williams is phenomenal in the research and the recommendations he provides.


— Frank White