Treat Hemorrhoids With a Digestive Cleansing

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Treat Hemorrhoids With a Digestive Cleansing

Though many people don't make the connection, hemorrhoids are one of the more common digestive problems. Simply put, a hemorrhoid is a bulging vein in the area of the rectum. It gets that way from the straining to evacuate the bowels.

It's easy to prevent hemorrhoids: improve your bowel regularity. If you find that constipation is a constant companion, then you'll need to essentially reset your digestive system. One of the easiest ways to do that is with a complete colon cleanse. Benefits include improved digestion and a reduction in gas and bloating along with the relief from constipation.

Once you have your colon cleaned out, you'll want to start on a probiotic digestive supplement to rebalance the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract and keep everything moving along smoothly.

Drink plenty of water to keep things lubricated and get some exercise to massage the bowel internally, and you have the complete hemorrhoid prevention program.

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