Top Ingredients for Weight Loss That Work

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Last Reviewed 04/15/2014

Top Ingredients for Weight Loss That Work

Not all weight loss ingredients are created equal, and it’s true that many have adverse side effects ranging from the jitters to more serious problems with liver functioning. Therefore, it’s very important that you look for the most natural and safest of ingredients when shopping.

The following three ingredients are ones that have been thoroughly researched in clinical human trials to be safe, effective, and side-effect free. Some of these ingredients can be taken individually, but they are may also be combined in one supplement pill. I’ve included them all in my own supplement line and believe they work great together for maximum, healthy, and effective weight loss. Find out about Meratrim™, GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract, GreenCoffee Extract!


Meratrim™ is a blend of two plant extracts, Sphaeranthus indicus flower heads and Garcinia mangostana fruit rind, both of which have been traditionally used throughout Asia for their many health benefits. Meratrim™ works by inhibiting fat cell formation and metabolizing fat for ultimate weight management benefits. Meratrim™’s efficacy as a weight loss supplement lies in its dual ability to not allow new fat to form while burning the fat you already have. When combined with a 2,000-calorie diet and 30 minutes of walking each day, Meratrim™ has been shown in two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies to reduce body weight and waist size in just two weeks, and to reduce hip size in eight weeks.

You may have heard from exercise and fitness experts that spot training and reduction is really impossible. It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you do, belly fat will only decrease with overall body fat loss. Meratrim™ is revolutionary in its ability to reduce hip and waist size, two of the most problematic areas for most people, helping to reshape the body. And as most people know, losing inches around the middle is physically transformative and can improve self-esteem as well as improving cardiovascular health!

Meratrim™ is easy to use. Just take it 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner. Thus far, people in clinical trials have reported no side effects from this safe, natural plant blend. 

GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract

GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract helps to promote weight loss—up to 30 pounds in 90 days, with a calorie-controlled diet (women 1,350 calorie/day, men 1,850 calories/day). GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract supports a healthy body composition, promotes a better lean/fat mass ratio, reduces body fat percentage, reduces BMI, and increases your metabolism so you can burn more calories over time.

In a recent multi-center clinical trial, it was found that men and women who were given 300 mg of GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract a day for 90 days to determine its effects on weight loss, lost an average of 26 pounds for women and 34 pounds for men. They also experienced a 12 percent reduction in BMI (body mass index) and a significant reduction in total cholesterol.

GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract is a standardized, decaffeinated green tea extract (60 percent catechins, 40 percent EGCG) complexed with phosphatidylcholine, a soy phospholipid. In this complex, the green tea extract is highly stable and safe. GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract is truly superior in safety and efficacy to other green tea extracts that have been used in weight loss and which have been publicized in the news for serious side effects. Not all green tea extracts are the same and have gone through the important chemical processes to make it safe and effective. Make sure you read your labels and look for pure GreenSelect® Phytosome Green Tea Extract in your supplements.

GreenCoffee Extract   

GreenCoffee Extract has been found to promote weight loss, utilize glucose, reduce body fat percentages, and promote normal blood pressure. GreenCoffee Extract is a safe and important ingredient in any weight loss supplement, that makes sure your body has the glucose support it needs from chlorogenic acids to promote healthy weight loss.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled study, 50 subjects with a BMI greater than 25 took either 400mg of a similar Green Coffee bean extract or placebo for 60 days. After 60 days, a mean weight reduction of 10.9 lbs was seen in 60 days compared to a 5.39 lb reduction for placebo.  BMI also decreased significantly for the green coffee group compared to placebo.

How exactly does GreenCoffee Extract work? The chlorogenic acids in GreenCoffee have been shown to have antioxidant properties as well as help reduce glucose uptake. Modulating glucose and decreasing oxidative stress helps limit excess weight gain.

Now, you may think, why not just drink coffee to get the glucose support for weight loss? Well, drinking regular coffee is not the same as consuming green coffee bean extract standardized to chlorogenic acids as traditional coffee contains a significant source of cafestol and kahweol, active compounds that may be involved in raising cholesterol. Also, many people experience adverse effects from caffeine, a stimulant in coffee (this green coffee bean extract is decaffeinated). And with the many additions to coffee drinks like sweetners and milk, coffee drinks can actually end up packing on excess pounds.

Now it's your turn: Have you ever tried a weight loss supplement?


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