The Link Between Cold Weather and Joint Pain

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The Link Between Cold Weather and Joint Pain

If you haven’t noticed that we’re deep into the winter season, perhaps your joints have. 

While not much research exists stating that cold weather causes arthritis flare-ups, it certainly seems like arthritis does get worse the colder it gets. Why is that?

Well, with colder weather, your tissues expand, putting added pressure on your joints. This is why many people say they can predict the weather based on how their joints feel. 

The best thing to do in these cases is to stay as warm as possible. Exercising the joints can also help, as it can loosen stiff joints and prevent weight gain, which can put even more stress on joints. 

In addition, I suggest taking certain supplements to lubricate your joints and relieve inflammation. Most people already know about glucosamine and chondroitin (both of which I recommend), but other nutrients that are just as helpful include niacinamide, whey, lemon myrtle and wild rosella.

And for acute pain relief, don’t resort to traditional NSAIDs. Instead, use natural pain relieving therapies like capsaicin and turmeric.

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