The Benefits of Oral Probiotics

Last Reviewed 02/27/2014

The Benefits of Oral Probiotics

The oral bacteria S. salivarius is one that replaces the malodorous bacteria on the back of the tongue that causes bad breath. It is also effective at preventing and helping treat periodontal disease, recurrent tonsillitis, and viral infections. This bacteria also produces compounds referred to as “bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances” or BLIS, which act as natural antibacterials that help control the growth of undesirable invasive microorganisms that cause infections.

For small children, it can offer a wide range of benefits. I would highly recommend using it in children with recurrent ear infections and recurrent tonsillitis. Studies have shown that, in infants who have inner ear infections, treating with this oral probiotics following antibiotics resulted in a 50 percent reduction of recurring infections. Similar results were found when the product was used for recurrent tonsillitis.

Oral probiotics can also be used in conjunction with antibiotic therapy. Most antibiotics are non-selective in the bacteria they destroy—they tend to wipe out all species, including the beneficial ones. If you use this product immediately after the course of antibiotic therapy, there should be even more open physical sites in the oral cavity for the probiotics to colonize and flourish.

Individuals with higher oral levels of the bacteria S. salivarius seem to never be bothered with colds or other respiratory infections. As we age, levels of this beneficial bacteria decline. It is important to supplement with oral probiotics, especially as we age, to prevent illness.

Now it’s your turn: What’s been your experience with oral probiotics?

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