What Customers Are Saying About Dr. David Williams


A few years ago my PSA had increased above normal. With the help of Dr. Williams’s advice I have been successful in reducing my PSA score to an acceptable level. At 66 years old, I still play a lot of volleyball and water ski. Dr. Williams has helped me to become healthier and given me more time to enjoy my good health and my activities.

—Al D., Florida


I enjoy reading Alternatives for all the good advice and information in it. I've been a member for many years. Over the years I have noticed that every time I have a question on my mind about a health issue, invariably the answer comes in a newsletter from Dr. Williams. I completely trust his advice and all his supplements.

—Martha E., Ohio


Alternatives is far more interesting than other newsletters I receive and is written in a manner not flooded with terminology that is way over our heads.

—Jay S., California


Excellent information not found elsewhere. Clear and concise. Began having gallbladder issues. Did not want surgery. Tried your gallbladder flush. It not only took away my pain, bloating, and flatulence, but I was able to eat anything and everything afterwards, without hesitation. An added bonus: my fall seasonal allergies are much better, if not abated.

—Jill C., Michigan


I trust Dr. Williams to give me accurate and truthful information. I value knowing and learning about new natural treatments. I value his opinion.

—JoAnn S., New York


How has Alternatives benefited you? Many ways, but most notably Alternatives benefited me by introducing me to some references and basic knowledge on the subject of Lyme disease. I didn't even know that's what I had, but after years of suffering, loosing my life savings and my means of employment, I read your piece on Lyme disease, tried catsclaw, and saw that there was hope.

—John M., Wyoming


I have been with you since the early days. Your newsletters have made my life a healthy pleasure. Fifteen years (probably longer) of not needing medical care. Being retired since spring of 2001, getting re-married, and living in sunny AZ has also helped, but I've always gone to your newsletter to address any issue, and use your advice without hesitation.

—Marcya D., Arizona