Yogurt Maker

Tips to Making Traditional Fermented Foods for Digestion

…tools that will come in handy if you decide to make your own cultured-milk products and pickled vegetables: * Miracle yogurt maker. To ferment milk at home I use the Miracle Yogurt Maker by Miracle Exclusives. * Fermenting crock pot. To ferment cabbage and other vegetables, I use the Fermenting Crock Pot…

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Habits That Prevent Colds and Flu

…consume to boost your immune system are sauerkraut and yogurt. I suggest making your own sauerkraut since it's so much more delicious and healthy for you. You can also make your own yogurt using a yogurt maker, which I recommend because most of the yogurts available in grocery stores are laden with too much…

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Probiotic Foods: What They Are and How They Support Digestive Health

…the best ways to do that is to make your own yogurt. Although supermarket yogurts like to advertise that they contain active cultures, most products don’t actually provide much, if any, benefit at all. In addition to being loaded with sugar, many yogurts are pasteurized. This process kills most, if…

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