Yogurt Culture

The Best Probiotic Foods for Digestive Relief

…of the yogurt products available here in America are laden with too much sugar and artificial ingredients. Plus, even if a yogurt package says the product contains “live and active cultures,” the probiotic benefits are often lost during manufacturing, delivery, and storage of the yogurts on your…

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The Superpowers of Fermented Foods

…allow the bacteria to continually multiply. When it comes to natural probiotics, fermented foods like sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, kefir, and yogurt are true superfoods. They are loaded with beneficial bacteria. Although I like them all, sauerkraut has to be my favorite, with kefir being a close…

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Preventing Diarrhea With Sour Milk?

yogurt you buy should say it has "active cultures." Some companies pasteurize the product after it’s been made, and this kills off the remaining beneficial bacteria making it useless. If you can find products made from L. acidophilus bacteria cultures, they will have the greatest benefits. If the yogurts

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