Yeast Candida

Lifestyle Habits That Damage Gut Bacteria

…on the basis that yeast promotes the growth of yeast in the body. Yeast is naturally present in the body or microbial flora, and under ideal circumstances, it is just another component that can be beneficial when kept in balance. Granted, a yeast infection like that from Candida albicans is definitely…

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The Key to Solving a Thousand Problems

…and chronic kidney failure). These bacteria also produce a volatile fatty acid which, along with the acids, make it difficult for fungus and yeast (like candida) to survive. Since this article started with babies, this is the ideal place to bring up the controversy of feeding honey to babies. Honey (also…

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My All-Natural Treatment Plan for Ulcerative Colitis

…normal bacterial flora in the colon and can be a reason for chronic diarrhea. Secondly, sugar helps feed certain forms of bacteria and yeast-like fungi like Candida, which can get out of control and cause systemic infections. Back to Top STEP 2: Identify Any Allergens In some cases, ulcerative colitis…

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