Wound Healing

A Honey of a Cure for Burns

…methods of keeping a wound safely moist and help with healing is by applying Vaseline. While it’s true that Vaseline is a good method to use, there is another solution that may be even better—honey. Burns are one of the most difficult problems to treat, because this type of wound provides the perfect…

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The Whey to Good Health

…-inflammatory action, cancer prevention, infection fighting, and wound healing. Research has now determined that lactoferrin is able to increase the production of new bone, which could have enormous impact on the treatment of osteoporosis and non-healing bone fractures. * Prebiotic activity: You may already know…

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Natural Egg Membrane for Bone and Joint Pain

…This is the eggshell membrane, and it has always been known by natural medicine enthusiasts as a powerful healing aid. For example, this membrane can be put on small cuts to promote wound healing, and can even help with acne. Most significantly, however, eggshell membrane has been found to outperform…

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