Why Sugar Is Slow Suicide For Your Body

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Why Sugar Is Slow Suicide for Your Body

…kitchen. During baking, sugar combines with certain amino acids in grain proteins. This chemical reaction causes bread and pastries to turn brown. The same reaction also occurs when meats are glazed and coffee is roasted. In the body, glycation also occurs when the sugar in your blood (glucose) combines…

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Proper pH Balance Is Critical for Good Health

your health. For even faster results, however, try juicing. Making and consuming fresh vegetable juices on a daily basis will jumpstart the process of alkalizing your body. This is why many people feel so good after they begin a juicing program. (Note: Due to the problems associated with blood sugar,…

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Why You Should Drink Distilled Water

your kidneys do a fine job of keeping your minerals in proper balance. As long as your kidneys are functioning normally, you’ll have no problems drinking distilled water. Back to Top More Dr. Williams Advice on Diet and Overall Wellness * Foods everyone should be eating * Why sugar is slow suicide

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How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

for your death (by way of lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and so forth.). I take risks in my life, as I'm sure you do, but I certainly wouldn't accept odds like that. They are the same as if you flipped a coin; heads, you live, tails you die. Back to Top Eliminate Sugar Quite simply, sugar is

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Foods Everyone Should Be Eating

…oil. Back to Top More Dr. Williams Advice on Diet and Overall Wellness * Acid-forming and alkalinizing foods * Why sugar is slow suicide * Maintain the proper pH balance in your body * Why you should drink distilled water

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