Whole Body Vibrator

Vibration Therapy for the Treatment of Osteoporosis

…a technology called “whole body vibration therapy.” (You may also recognize this therapy by the name of one of the best known vibration exercise machines, the Power Plate.) How Does Whole Body Vibration Therapy Work? Vibration therapy involves a mechanical vibrating plate upon which an individual…

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Natural Therapies for the Treatment of Osteoporosis

…exercise—especially progressive resistance exercise or weight lifting. Some other therapies I recommend for the treatment of osteoporosis: * Alkaline Diet * Whole Body Vibration Therapy * Progesterone * Targeted Nutritional Support More Dr. Williams Advice on Osteoporosis * Why the conventional treatment of osteoporosis…

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The Story of X-Factor and its Use in Osteoporosis Treatment

…rapidly growing green, pesticide-free grass. More Dr. Williams Advice on Osteoporosis * How to lower your osteoporosis risk through your body pH level * Why vibration therapy is the best exercise to prevent and treat osteoporosis * Nutrients that support the treatment of osteoporosis * How progesterone…

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