Wheat Germ

Kava and L-Tryptophan for Anxiety

…make L-tryptophan on its own, so you must get it in your diet or take it in supplement form. Foods with higher L-tryptophan content include: * Wheat germ * Oat flakes * Eggs * Cottage cheese * Avocados * Pork * Salted anchovies * Swiss and Parmesan cheeses * Almonds Like, Kava, there is some concern…

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Vision Saving Foods

…group of blue-green algae (another superfood, by the way). With all eight essential amino acids and high levels of vitamin B12, it surpasses raw wheat germ in levels of vitamin E and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. In addition, spirulina is composed of dozens of pigments associated with…

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You CAN Prevent Cataracts

…UVB radiation. Animal studies have shown that when histidine is missing in the diet, cataracts may develop in as little as three weeks. Yogurt, wheat germ, granola, oats, ricotta, cottage cheese, and eggs are among foods rich in these amino acids that help rebuild and maintain the eye’s integrity…

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