Water Purifier

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Water Distillation Could Save Your Life

water. For all reasons you would use water--drinking, cooking, nasal irrigation, etc.--I strongly urge you to use a water distiller to achieve the safest, cleanest water possible. Your health, even your life, could depend on it. Now it's your turn: Do you use distilled water? If not, how do you purify

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Ebola: Just One More Reason to Be Prepared

…medical professionals, you’ll notice they are all wearing Level A protective suits. Level A suits include protective respiratory filters or air-purifying filters. In addition, Ebola patients are treated in Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms in the hospital. There is also a huge concern about those individuals…

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How to Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit

…have: * Chlorine bleach—Use bleach for sanitizing surfaces and purifying water. For water that is essentially clear with limited visible contaminants, adding regular chlorine bleach (unscented Chlorox or Purex) will disinfect the water and make it safe for drinking. One teaspoon will treat five gallons…

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How to Prevent and Treat the Dreaded "Traveler's Diarrhea"

…don’t drink the tap water! Instead use only purified bottle water. (And don’t forget—using ice or drinks made with tap water, brushing your teeth with tap water or eating raw peeled fruits or vegetables rinsed in tap water can cause problems as well.) Drink plenty of purified water daily to avoid dehydration…

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