Got the Flu? Here's What to Do.

…infected with the flu? First, avoid going to the ER unless you really are experiencing truly serious symptoms, like shortness of breath or severe vomiting (which can lead to dehydration and could warrant IV fluids). ERs are overrun with flu patients right now, so unless you’re in seriously bad shape…

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Can Putting Away the Salt Shaker Help Osteoporosis?

…often a fairly good indicator that you are deficient in potassium. On the other side of the scale, sugar, alcohol, diuretics, profuse sweating, vomiting, stress, diarrhea, and salt consumption deplete potassium levels. So What's the Bottom Line? Put away the salt shaker; watch the sodium in the prepared…

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Feeling Nauseous? Press Here

…for as long as necessary should ease that sick-to-your-stomach feeling. Studies have shown that this technique also has worked to cure nausea and vomiting in cases of post-op sickness and chemotherapy. A product called Sea-Band has capitalized on the simple treatment with wristbands made with a button…

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