Vitamins For Women Over 50

The Guarantee of Vitamin D

…epidemiological trends over recent years support the theory that people need significantly more vitamin D than has been commonly accepted. A University of Toronto study involving 796 women between the ages of 18 and 35 showed that the generally recommended amounts of vitamin D for women are too low to offer…

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Give Your Libido a Lift

Waning libido is a concern for both men and women with advancing age. The most common recommendations involve increasing hormone levels, particularly testosterone, for both sexes. Hormones are always tricky to work with. However, for men who are of an age where prostate health is a concern, care should…

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Trace Minerals and Your Health

…now estimated at around 100 mcg. daily. However, before you head for the nearest health food store in search of a selenium supplement, let me give you a few more details. Selenium can become toxic. Most authorities don’t recommend over 250 mcg daily. The first signs of toxicity are the breath, urine…

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