Vitamin K 7

MK-7 (30 softgels, 1...

MK-7 (30 softgels, 1-month supply)

Item## HMK


vitamin K, it's K1, NOT K2. And even if it is K2, it's highly unlikely that it's the MK-7 form of K2—the most bioavailable and beneficial form for your cardiovascular system and your bones. While K1 is found commonly in leafy vegetables and plays a role in normal blood clotting, only 10% of the vitamin

CodMarine K-Q10 (60...

CodMarine K-Q10 (60 softgels, 1-month supply)

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…with what I feel are 2 of the most critical nutrients for heart and artery health—a breakthrough form of Coenzyme Q10, and a bioavailable form of vitamin K. This new 3-in-1 formula is called CodMarine® K-Q10 and the benefits are outstanding for healthy arteries, cellular energy, and overall heart health…