Veins Circulation

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Exercises to Help Drain Your Lymphatic System

…and muscle action. As muscles tighten, lymph vessels are squeezed and lymph is pushed along and filtered through lymph nodes on its way back to the veins and the heart. We need to keep lymph moving efficiently and one way is through exercise. Another is a slant-board or even inversion units that enable…

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Treating Impotency Like a Man

…channel blood into the three main arteries of the penis. Blood then begins to fill the sponge-like cylinders. As pressure increases, the small fragile veins that drain blood from the penis are collapsed. With no way of escape, the incoming blood supply forces the penis to expand, harden, and stand erect…

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The Japanese Secret to Strong Circulation

…transportation system to and from each and every cell in your body. Unfortunately, most individuals nowadays learn to live with varying degrees of impaired circulation. Since the clogging of blood vessels is normally a slow, gradual process, the detrimental effects also come on gradually. Products like aspirin and…

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Three Foods to Fight Metabolic Syndrome

…risk for diabetes and heart disease. The relationship makes sense when you consider that the veins of the internal organs drain into the liver and visceral fat is the only type that shares this circulation. The liver connection is what makes excess visceral fat so dangerous because it can contribute…

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