Vegetable Powder

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Protect Your GI Tract With This Summertime Vegetable

Rhubarb always reminds me of spring and summertime. This celery-like vegetable is often paired with fruit--especially strawberries--in pies, tarts, and cobblers to balance out its extreme tartness. Along with being a delicious treat, rhubarb has some pretty impressive health benefits, too. It can be…

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It's Basic, A Primer on Why Excess Acid is Unhealthy

…most people will need to eat a few vegetable-only meals each week to make up for excess acid-forming foods. And some people might prefer to eat vegetables, fruits, or other alkaline-producing foods exclusively for three-quarters of their meals. A good protein powder shake for breakfast is also a great…

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Replacements and Substitutions for Healthier Cooking

…be used as a salt substitute in several things like soups, fish, vegetable juices and chicken dishes. You can also use a variety of spices to decrease the need for salt. Good spices to try include ginger, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and fresh herbs. Experiment with fresh herbs, spices, wine and lemon…

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What Your Chocolate Cravings Could Mean

…for chocolate, it does have some beneficial antioxidant properties when eaten in moderation. In fact, one study found that two tablespoons of cocoa powder exhibited twice the antioxidant capability of California red wine (140 mL, or almost 5 oz.). It also had two to three times the antioxidant activity…

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Arthritis Awareness

…nothing is further from the truth. Diet goes a long way in protecting your joints--specifically, sulfur-containing foods like eggs and cruciferous vegetables. In addition, exercise is extremely important in keeping your joints lubricated and functioning properly. Range of motion exercises are especially…

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