7 Steps to Healthy Sleep

…melatonin production. Previous studies have already shown that electromagnetic fields suppress melatonin production and stimulate the growth of breast tumors in animals. Dr. Davis' research now suggests that the same phenomena occurs in women. Move all electrical appliances, clocks, phones, televisions,…

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A Daily Soda Ups Diabetes Risk

…soft drinks come with their own list of serious health side effects including headaches, memory loss, and an increased risk of developing cancerous tumors. Artificial sweeteners have also been shown to increase cravings for sweets, which can lead to a higher consumption of sugary and refined carbohydrate…

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A Spicy Alternative to NSAIDs

…including hydroxyl, peroxide, and superoxide radicals. Second, it directly suppresses inflammation through compounds such as leukotrienes, interleukins, tumor necrosis factor alpha, nuclear factor kappa B, and the COX-2 enzyme. One obvious benefit of reducing inflammation is in the relief of pain. It looks…

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