Tpcs Iosol

Three Steps to Healthier Glands

…degree of iodine deficiency. If you find you’re iodine-deficient, look into getting a bottle of a liquid iodine product called Iosol, available from TPCS. I’ve used Iosol myself for years to address my low iodine issues, and I highly recommend it. Whatever you do, don’t consume the topical form of…

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More Items For Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

…that, only one or two drops a day would be necessary. Note: Never ingest antiseptic or topical iodine. Iosol is the only form of iodine I recommend for internal usage. You can often find Iosol by TPCS Distributors in larger health food stores. Summary of Items to Include in Your Home Emergency Kit: * Several…

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Dangers of an Underactive Thyroid

…between meals on an empty stomach. Even more dramatic results occur when one drop daily of IoSOL is also taken. IoSOL is a fantastic iodine product made and distributed by TPCS Distributors. You can contact TPCS. Note that you can NOT use antiseptic iodine internally; the formulation is poisonous.

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