Natural and Inexpensive Smoking Cessation Tools

…experimenting. Being an acid, the powdered C definitely needs to be diluted. (Continuous use of a strong acid in this manner could possibly lead to some tooth enamel erosion. Using a totally buffered vitamin C product probably wouldn’t achieve the desired effect, however, since the slight irritation from…

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The Glycemic Index Explained

…fructose corn syrup, malt syrups, maple syrup, and fruit juice concentrates. Instead of consuming these unhealthy sugars, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with xylitol. It’s a natural sweetener made from a compound found in certain vegetables, strawberries, raspberries, plums, and jute, as well as from…

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What Probiotics Are and Why You Need One Every Day

…(and elsewhere) are living organisms, and as such, they are affected by everything we put in our mouths: food, drinks, medications—even amalgam tooth fillings have a damaging effect on them. Unknowingly we all, to some degree, consume things that accelerate the rate at which good bacteria die off…

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