Thyroid Problems

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On Women and Fluid Retention

…Additionally, some women have a problem with excess estrogen, which also causes the body to retain water. The excess fluid is the reason for the breast tenderness that often occurs a week to ten days prior to their period. Excess estrogen also tends to depress thyroid function prior to the period, resulting…

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Is Fast Food Causing ADHD?

…handling problems, which are very often the root of the problem. A proper diet of low-fat, high-fiber and high-protein foods, the elimination of sugar and other refined carbohydrates, and a supplement pro-gram to strengthen the adrenal glands and thyroid will generally solve so-called ADHD problems. These…

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Will the Egg Controversy Ever End?

…all the subjects used were already at significantly increased risk of cardiovascular issues. Either through heredity, metabolic issues, digestive problems, or nutritional deficiencies (to name a few causes), the individuals in this study have already demonstrated a propensity for developing plaque and…

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