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Weekly Update for February 17, 2014

…week’s e-newsletter issue covers: * Six Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Life * Replacements and Substitutions for Healthy Recipes Also, coming up on my blog this week: * CHANGE YOUR LIFE—How to Deal with Sugar Cravings * Green Tea Pie—Wednesday, February 19 * Sesame Cookies—Friday, February 23 Be sure…

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Replacements and Substitutions for Healthier Cooking

…ingredients, like creams and butters, can be the hardest to substitute when it comes to taste and texture. To help you out I've come up with some great substitutions, after many years of tweaking the recipes myself, in the kitchen. These substitutions are great to cook with and are much healthier. I hope you…

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A Daily Soda Ups Diabetes Risk

…to increase cravings for sweets, which can lead to a higher consumption of sugary and refined carbohydrate foods. Clearly, substituting artificially sweetened drinks for sugar-sweetened ones isn’t the answer. Drinking water is. Reducing your diabetes risk by dropping the daily soft drink seems like…

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Should You Eat Like a Caveman?

…cereal/grains (especially wheat, barley, and rye), corn and rice, most dairy products, and legumes (including peanuts and soy) from the diet. Substituting a paleo diet consisting of meat, fowl, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, berries, avocados, olives, certain oils (olive, avocado, palm, coconut), and fresh…

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