Stop Smoking

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Natural and Inexpensive Smoking Cessation Tools

…can’t tell you how many patients have asked me to help them stop smoking. Usually what they really wanted was something that would “make” them stop rather than “help” them stop. Unfortunately the only thing that can break the smoking habit is the desire of the smoker. Nicotine replacement patches…

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How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

…address your health concerns, the better off you are. Back to Top Stop Smoking Knowing what we know about smoking, I can't imagine why anyone would still do it. If you smoke throughout your life, there's a one in two chance that smoking will be responsible for your death (by way of lung cancer, heart…

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More Items For Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

…they are less flavorful as well. You can purchase sardines in vegetable oil, olive oil, mustard sauce, tomato sauce, or hot sauce, or even buy them smoked. I like the mustard and hot-sauce varieties best, but they’re all good to me. Experiment and find your own favorite, and then add some tins to your…

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