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Six Steps to Preventing Kidney Stones

…percent. Caffeine-free, sugar-free colas can exacerbate kidney stone problems because of their high concentrations of phosphoric acid. 3. Sweeten with Stevia, not Sugar Go easy on sugar. Diets high in sugar can increase urinary calcium excretion and risk of kidney stone formation. You can significantly lower…

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Tofu Cream Pie

…the pan about ¼-inch short of the top. Filling: * 2 boxes (13 oz each) of firm Mori-Nu brand silken tofu * 2 tsp. vanilla extract * 1 cup water * Stevia powder to taste * Slices of fresh fruit, your choice: kiwi, strawberry, apricot, pineapple, etc. * Open 2 packages of tofu and drain off the excess…

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Green Tea Cheesecake Pie

…tea bags (see step * 2 boxes (13 oz each) of firm Mori-Nu brand silken tofu * 1½ tsp. macha (green tea powder) * ? cup concentrated green tea * Stevia powder to taste How To * First make a concentrated brew of green tea using 3 green tea bags in ½ cup boiling water. After steeping for 10 minutes…

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