Statins Articles

Conventional Treatments for Lowering Cholesterol

…they’re prescribed. Side Effects of Statin Drugs Statins lower cholesterol levels in two ways. First, they block the action of an enzyme that produces cholesterol, and second, they make your body excrete more cholesterol in the stool. The manufacturers of statin drugs list more than 130 possible side…

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Living After a Heart Attack

…recent science, a higher dose of 300 mg is recommended if you’re recovering from a heart attack or currently on cholesterol-lowering medication (statins such as Lipitor). If you’ve suffered a heart attack, or know someone who has, I strongly recommend adding these supplements to an existing multivitamin…

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Three Foods to Fight Metabolic Syndrome

…increases the absorption of certain drugs by as much as 200 percent—particularly blood pressure–lowering medications and the popular (but dangerous) statin drugs used to lower cholesterol levels. Researchers have now discovered that the group of compounds called furanocoumarins is responsible for this…

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