Spinal Pain

Natural Back Pain Treatment

pain-free movement. When joints or ligaments become injured, weak, or lax, the surrounding structures become unstable and move out of position. The areas where the ligaments attach to the bones (fibro-osseous junctions) are rich in nerve endings, so the resulting misalignment can be painful, and pain

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Five Steps to Speed Recovery From Surgery

…to sunlight after surgery can help make the recovery process less painful. In the study, researchers observed the effects of sunlight exposure on the amount of pain medication needed by 89 patients who had recently undergone spinal surgery. Medication use was compared to intensity of sunlight in each…

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Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Learn how nerve compression causes carpal tunnel syndrome pain Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by the inflammation of the nerves that feed the joint. It usually results from repetitive motion. On the palm side of your wrist, there are eight small bones that make up one side of a "tunnel…

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