Skin Rash

The Truth About the Lyme Disease Epidemic

…, and treat the skin around the bite with alcohol. Be alert for symptoms. * From 3 to 30 days afterward: the bull’s-eye rash at the site of the bite (in half of the cases); fever; chills; headache; muscle and/or joint pain; fatigue. * From days to weeks afterward: multiple rashes; facial paralysis…

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How to Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit

…will treat five gallons, or 16 drops for one gallon. * PAV Pitch—This fragrant resin from trees is effective in treating practically any type of skin infection, whether bacterial, viral, or fungal in origin. I’ve used it successfully in cases of ringworm, scabies, nail fungus, and infectious wounds…

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Four Simple Cures From One Australian Oil

…There are probably a thousand uses for it. Here are a few: * Remarkable antiseptic properties make tea tree oil good for any type of cut, abrasion, rash, or lesion. It can also cure boils, bug bites, nail fungus, cold sores, and blisters. * Diluted with water (1–2 drops per ounce), it makes an effective…

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