Skin Cancer

Can Sunscreen Do More Harm Than Good?

…instead of warnings about the flu, we'll be hearing from medical experts about the importance of using sunscreen every day to protect ourselves from skin cancer. Daily sunscreen use and warnings to avoid the sun at all costs have been the mantra of government agencies and most medical professionals for at…

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Health Benefits of Fiber for Weight Loss

…." It swells and softens the stool, and it also scrubs and stimulates the intestines as it passes through. It helps protect against constipation, cancer, and the formation of pockets and inflammation in the colon. On the other hand, soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms sticky gums and gels. They…

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Massage Away Diabetic Lesions

…adequate circulation to the area and I have a simple massaging technique that can help restore blood flow to an ulcer and speed the healing process. Skin ulcerations develop in a circular pattern that somewhat resembles a three-layer bulls-eye. At the center of the circle is a red, inflamed area where…

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