Sinus Rinse

Protecting Your Family From Infection

…there’s something starting with a “Z” as well.) Sticking with infections, though, H2O2 fights bronchitis, gum disease, prostatitis, sore throats, sinus infections, and ulcers. All it takes is a few drops daily of a 35 percent solution. (See the cautions below.) I recommend a program in which you gradually…

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Instant Home Remedies for 20 Common Health Problems

…to taking extra vitamin C, echinacea and elderberry extract, you can shorten the duration of symptoms with a hot salt-water facial and quick nasal rinse. This works especially well when your nose seems to run like a faucet. * In a clean sink or large saucer add 1/4 to 1/3 cup of salt to a quart of fairly…

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VIDEO: Why Probiotics Aren't Just For Digestive Health

Learn from Dr. Williams how probiotics not only benefit digestive health, but your oral and sinus health as well. Watch the video now. Transcript: Probiotics Go Beyond Digestive Health Most people think about probiotics, and mostly when I talk about them, I talk about in the gut. But what people don't…

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