VIDEO: How to Get the Most Out of Your Probiotics

…-pasteurized food. All of these things destroy bacteria. That's how they increase the shelf life of different foods; that's how manufacturers are able to ship products all the way across the country and keep them on the shelf and keep them viable and keep them safe. Restoring Good Bacteria Is Key to Digestive…

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FDA Is Limiting Access to Fecal Transplants

…It works much like a blood bank. The donor gets screened and then can donate anonymously. The stools are prepared and frozen in storage and can be shipped overnight to anywhere in the country. All has been working well, but the FDA has now issued guidelines saying either the administering doctor or the…

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Best Types of Probiotic Supplements for Digestive Health

…needs refrigeration, it has got to be refrigerated 100% of the time. The truth is, by the time most probiotic products leave the manufacturer, get shipped on trucks, and sit in warehouses or on store shelves, the power of the beneficial bacteria has been significantly—and in some cases completely—diminished…

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