Fight the Flu With Licorice Root

…and again on days one and four following the infection. The other half were given only saline injections. After 21 days, all the animals given glycyrrhizin were still alive. There were no survivors in the saline group, and their average survival time after infection was 10.5 days. Further evaluation…

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How to Perform a Fecal Transplant

…or wipe out the bacteria in the colon. The antibiotic needs to be stopped 24 to 48 hours before the procedure. * At least 200 mL of normal sterile saline solution (found at any pharmacy or online) * A standard 2-quart enema bag kit * A kitchen blender The best time to perform the procedure is in the…

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Quick Relief from Post-Surgery Nausea

…investigating the effects of aromatherapy on post-surgical nausea. They gave patients gauze pads that were moistened with either rubbing alcohol, an inert saline solution, or oil of peppermint. Each patient was instructed to breathe in slowly and deeply through their nose, then exhale slowly through their mouth…

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