Five Steps to Reduce Stress

…become more positive as a result of those past experiences. Forgiving others begins with truth. Recognize the fact you’ve been hurt, experience the sadness, and above all relate this (honestly, without bitterness) to the person who hurt you. Being totally honest is the only way to allow for forgiveness…

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How To Stop Emotional Eating

Research has recently shown that eating fatty foods sends a strong message from the gut to the brain that negates sadness. No wonder stress makes us crave (and indulge in) unhealthy food! Stress causes the gut to increase production of a hormone called ghrelin. Ghrelin sends messages to the brain, through…

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How to Make Healthy Food Choices

…creating a new relationship with food. Food should be viewed as the way to heal and fuel your body, not as an emotional reservoir from which to satiate sadness, anxiety, or other negative emotions. When you stop looking at food as a way to forget about pain and start looking at food under the scrutiny of what…

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