Restore Your Bacterial Balance

Balanced Microflora Is a Cornerstone of Immune Health

…to keep the proper balance of bacterial flora in your gut: by consuming naturally fermented, live food on a regular basis and taking a high-quality probiotic every single day of your life. Remember, as Pasteur said, “The terrain is everything.” Maintaining a proper and balanced internal environment…

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Signs You Have Too Much Bad Bacteria in Your Gut

…bacteria in your gut. Read More About Gut Bacteria and Digestive Health Gut Bacteria and Probiotics Article Index See a full list of articles by Dr. Williams about gut flora, probiotics, and the microbiome. Read more How to Restore and Improve Gut Bacteria Learn three strategies for restoring your gut health…

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Treat Diarrhea Naturally

…reside in your bowel do constant battle with the germs and harmful, disease-causing bacteria that threaten them on a daily basis. Diarrhea often occurs when the disease-causing bacteria begin to overwhelm the beneficial bacteria in your system. So to restore the proper bacterial balance in the bowel…

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