Remove Plaque From Arteries

Natural Atherosclerosis Solutions

Atherosclerosis, or clogging of the arteries, is a systemic problem. In other words, it isn’t isolated to just one area of the body. Unfortunately, the problem may not be discovered until some debilitating event like angina or a heart attack occurs. The blockage of a major artery will usually get everyone’s…

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The Health Benefits of Oats

…fiber or roughage. The most commonly consumed “vegetable” in this country is now French fries. Food manufacturers have increasingly removed insoluble fiber from processed foods, to both lessen the gritty texture and make ingredients easier to combine. Insoluble fiber, the portion of the plant that…

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Inflammation in the Body: Its Causes and Effects

…the arteries. (J Med Microbiol 09;58:1568–1575) (J Peridontol 00;71(10):1554–1560) (Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 05;25:e17–e18) (Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 11;108(Suppl 1):4592–4598) Another recent study compared various bacteria in the oral cavity and gut to those found in arterial plaque. For…

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