Red Yeast Rice

Targeted Nutritional Support for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

…achieving healthy cholesterol levels. They include: * Niacin * Coenzyme Q10 * Vitamin C * Lecithin * Selenium * Citrus Pectin * Red Yeast Rice * Chromium (Brewer’s Yeast) Niacin Research has shown you can use niacin (vitamin B3) to both reduce total cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol. In a study…

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Acid-Forming and Alkalinizing Foods

…dried sugar cane juice (Sucanat), brown rice syrup * Fruit juices * All vegetable juices * Most herbal teas * Garlic * Cayenne pepper * Gelatin * Most herbs * Miso * Most vegetable and unprocessed sea salt * Most all spices * Vanilla extract * Brewer’s yeast * Most unprocessed, cold-pressed oils are…

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