Red Yeast

Acid-Forming and Alkalinizing Foods

…crackers, and pastries * The following beans (unless sprouted, in which case they become alkaline-producing): pinto, navy, mung, lentils, black, garbanzo, red, white, adzuki, and broad * Cheese (Parmesan and sharper cheeses are the worst) * Sunflower and pumpkin seeds * Wheat germ * The following nuts: walnuts…

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How Can I Prevent a Gout Attack?

…recommendations: * Eliminate foods high in purine. The nucleic acid purine is converted by the body into uric acid. Foods that are high in purine—such as red meat, sardines, anchovies, herring, and organ meats like liver and kidney—should be avoided. * Avoid sugar. Sugar depletes B vitamins and increases…

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