The Truth About the Lyme Disease Epidemic

…alert for symptoms. * From 3 to 30 days afterward: the bull’s-eye rash at the site of the bite (in half of the cases); fever; chills; headache; muscle and/or joint pain; fatigue. * From days to weeks afterward: multiple rashes; facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy); stiff neck; fever; headache; weakness…

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How to Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit

…the pocket. It’s available from NATR Health. * Citricidal—This grapefruit seed–extract product has multiple uses, including treating diaper rash and knocking out infections. Citricidal is available from Nutribiotic. * QR ("Quick Relief") Powder—When applied with light pressure on a surgical…

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Four Simple Cures From One Australian Oil

…There are probably a thousand uses for it. Here are a few: * Remarkable antiseptic properties make tea tree oil good for any type of cut, abrasion, rash, or lesion. It can also cure boils, bug bites, nail fungus, cold sores, and blisters. * Diluted with water (1–2 drops per ounce), it makes an effective…

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