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The Role of Prebiotics in Maintaining Healthy Gut Flora

…digestive tract. Soluble fiber mixes with water and becomes gel-like. It slows down digestion, which gives a feeling of fullness and helps reduce rapid rises in blood sugar and the resulting insulin release. This water-soluble fiber (a form of carbohydrate) moves through the digestive tract until it…

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Q&A: How to Put an End to Low Energy in the Afternoon

…Why does my energy fall off so dramatically in the afternoon? It’s pretty consistent until about 3:00 PM—that’s when I start to go downhill rapidly. I know it’s not the answer, but I need a cup of coffee or something sweet to get me back on track. This messes up my diet and probably just makes…

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The Key to Solving a Thousand Problems

…streptococcus. Even with nutritious contaminate-free breast milk and a natural vaginal delivery, the friendly bacteria in a child’s bowel can fluctuate rapidly. Diet changes, infections, antibiotics, vaccinations, stress, and even weather changes can upset the balance. (If you presently have a baby, finish…

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