Range Of Motion

Extend and Improve Your Life With These Exercises

…you sit in when you watch TV. Every day, every joint in the body needs to be put through its full range of motion. Spend a few minutes each day moving each and every joint. Try these range of motion exercises, which also keep arthritic joints mobile and well lubricated. Now it's your turn: How do you…

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Arthritis Awareness

…like eggs and cruciferous vegetables. In addition, exercise is extremely important in keeping your joints lubricated and functioning properly. Range of motion exercises are especially helpful. And for pain relief, you don't have to rely on NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium, which come with many…

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7 Hobbies That Help With Depression and Anxiety

…and it's not unusual for people suffering with these issues to get caught up in unhealthy coping mechanisms. Unhealthy coping comes in many forms, ranging from self-medicating (which can lead to addiction issues) to escapism and other unhealthy activities that are on a one-way path to self-destruction…

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