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Common Causes of Digestive Problems

…milk products; * Antibiotic use; * Excessive alcohol intake; * Fluoridated and/or chlorinated water supplies; * Radiation therapy; * Exposure to toxic metals, pollutants, and/or radiation; or * Use of non-steriod anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDS (like Motrin, Advil, Nuprin, Rufin, Medipren, Midol, etc…

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Cleanse with Cabbage Juice

…fascinating uses of cab-bage and/or cabbage juice may be in protecting the body against radiation. In the 1950’s, our military found that simply eating cabbage provided a protective effect against lethal dosages of radiation. As a general cleansing tonic, I would recommend drinking about a half a cup of fermented…

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You CAN Prevent Cataracts

radiation from the sun. This chain of events has been implicated in the formation of cataracts. I recommend up to 2,000–2,200 mg per day. * Take the amino acids cysteine and histidine. Cysteine increases glutathione levels in the eye, which, like vitamin C, protects the lens from damaging UVB radiation.…

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Three Foods That Promote Prostate Health

…juice can have a significant effect on the recurrence of prostate cancer. The study involved 46 prostate cancer patients who underwent surgery or radiation treatment. Those whose PSA levels were detectable following treatment were given 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily. The pomegranate juice prolonged…

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Ease Angina With Padma

…pain generally doesn’t occur directly over the heart. It’s most commonly felt directly beneath the breastbone, or sternum, and in some cases can radiate to the left shoulder and even down the arm to the fingers. It can also go from the chest straight through to the back, up to the throat or jaw, or…

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