Prostate Treatment

Three Foods That Promote Prostate Health

…pomegranate juice can have a significant effect on the recurrence of prostate cancer. The study involved 46 prostate cancer patients who underwent surgery or radiation treatment. Those whose PSA levels were detectable following treatment were given 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily. The pomegranate juice…

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The Health Benefits of Whey

…in one human study whey protein was included with other nutritional factors in the treatment program of 20 patients with stage IV (end-stage) cancer (one patient with bladder cancer, five with breast, two prostate, two non–small cell lung, three colon, one ovarian, one gastric, one neuroblastoma…

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7 Best Anti-aging Herbs: Garlic

…compounds found in garlic can assist in preventing the progression of prostate cancer. For overall health and disease prevention, I recommend that you consume at least a clove of garlic each day. If you're taking garlic as a form of treatment for any of the above cited medical conditions I recommend that you…

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