Progesterone Cream

Progesterone as a Natural Treatment of Osteoporosis

…Where to Get and How to Use Natural Progesterone There are a number of progesterone creams on the market, under a variety of names. Make sure that the one you use contains three-percent natural progesterone—the dosage used in Dr. Lee’s studies. One such cream is FemGest, which can be found at numerous…

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The Story of X-Factor and its Use in Osteoporosis Treatment

…(eggs) * Organ meats * Animal blood and glands * Eggs * Insects * Vegetables * Whole grains * Tubers * Fruits * Unpasteurized dairy products (milk, cream, cheese, and butter) These animal foods and byproducts were found to contain a catalyst Dr. Price referred to as "Activator X." He felt the Activator…

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