Ebola: Just One More Reason to Be Prepared

…develop some type of infection, four of the most potent antiviral compounds I’ve ever encountered in my decades of research are modified citrus pectin (MCP), active hexose correlated compound (AHCC), elderberry extract (Sambucol), and high doses of vitamin D. In particular, both MCP and AHCC awaken…

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Lose Weight and Control Cholesterol--With Dried Apples!

…Additionally, the apples reduced total cholesterol levels by 14 percent, LDL cholesterol by 23 percent, and C-reactive protein by 32 percent. The pectin in apples blocks the absorption of cholesterol in the gut and forces the body to use cholesterol rather than store it. More Benefits from Another Dried…

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Health Benefits of Fiber for Diabetes

…insoluble fibers (as well as hundreds of other components) in contrast to isolated soluble fiber supplements or powders like psyllium, guar, and pectin. Increasing your dietary fiber is a far better solution than using oral hypoglycemic drugs if both options achieve the same goal. However, I would…

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