Protecting Your Family From Infection

…Ayurvedic Institute. PAV tree pitch is made from the resin of various fir trees. It’s useful for all kinds of skin infections, not just bacterial ones. I’ve heard of it being used to treat infected wounds, ringworm, nail fungus, and even warts. Simply spread it on the affected area. PAV is available from…

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More Wart Solutions

…but it will take substantially longer than either Citricidal or aspirin. The best pitch preparation I’ve found over the years is an ointment called PAV (Pitch and Vaseline, plus olive oil). It is available from North American Tree Resin. Cinnamon Oil Here’s a tip I received from one of my readers,…

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Preparing for a Pandemic

…mentioned over the years. These items could very well turn out to be some of your most important tools. I’m talking about things like chlorine bleach, PAV (tree pitch), Citricidal, QR Powder, bee propolis, honey (for wounds), in addition to the “First Line of Defense” recommendations I mentioned earlier…

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