Don't Ignore This Medication Side Effect

…HCl * Doxepin HCl * Fluoxetine HCl * Imipramine * Lithium carbonate * Phenytoin * Radiation therapy * Vasodilators * Dipyridamole * Nitroglycerin patch Source: Eur J Clin Nutr 2000;54(Suppl 3): S54–S63 Now It’s Your Turn: What natural solutions have you turned to because of medication side effects?…

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Flu Protection--Start Now!

…mist up the nose. And in the next couple of years, expect to see several new ways of delivering vaccines. These will include painless, micro-needle patches you wear for 10 minutes like a Band-aid, inhalation devices, and even genetically engineered edible plants. Don't be a pharmaceutical company's guinea…

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